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Avedian has a long history of collaboration and partnership with healthcare professionals, working together to identify products that could help our mutual patients. Our team of medical partners works together with our technical team to develop our product range, which responds to patient needs and currently covers areas including nutrition, mental health, bone health, internal health (varicose veins, urinary infections, digestive inflammation and all stages of women’s health).

At Avedian, we listen to every one of the ailments, problems and requests that doctors pass along from their patients, tailoring each product we put on the market to each of these patient needs. Our technology and production capacity means that we instantly adapt to each professional. Avedian is more than just an everyday supplement. Our core objective is to use patients’ needs as a departure point for creating effective, efficient and affordable products tailored to the customer who wants to care for their wellbeing. This is how we define ourselves: we want to boost the wellbeing of healthy people.

We offer health professionals a wide range of products that help them keep their patients healthier longer. Our experience in the healthcare market means we can confidently boast of both doctor and patient satisfaction: we take end-to-end care of our products, from manufacturing to how recommending medical professionals present the product to the patient.

And don't forget that there’s is also a great team behind a great product, which is available to answer health professional questions about how to choose the right product, what guidelines to follow, and any other questions they might have. If you still haven't joined our team of prescribers, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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Elena Meseguer.
General Director
Teléfono 61 825 8144

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