About Us

Avedian, S.L. was founded in February 2012 in an aim to develop a project designed by a group of professional medical and pharmaceutical experts to sell natural products created essentially with plant extracts, minerals and vitamins.

Our goal is to keep healthy people healthy longer and to prevent and protect against conditions that could pose a risk to the body’s physiological balance, without resorting to the use of pharmacological, immunological or metabolic medicines.

Which is why we developed an extensive range of products to supplement deficiencies of nutrient that are difficult to get enough of through diet alone, often because of unhealthy habits but even when eating a healthy, balanced diet.


Avedian product authorisation and regulation


Avedian products have the authorisations required to be sold, distributed and licensed as food and cosmetic supplements in Spain, including Spanish Food Code No. 26, the health authorisation required to develop, produce and sell food supplements.

Avedian also has the corresponding product registrations pursuant to the European Regulation on Food Supplements and Cosmetic Products..


Research, development and innovation is the backbone of our work at Avedian.

Our experience has given us the expertise about the end-to-end health product value chain, placing us in a position to successfully offer global solutions to new challenges in the health market and to specific projects that involve the comprehensive development of products designed to both prevent potential health issues and maintain and enhance health.

We also participate in the research and development of new active ingredients, new dosage forms and the search for the scientific evidence that demonstrates the safety and efficacy of our products.

We transform market needs into solutions in the form of innovative products and treatments.

Our multidisciplinary team is specialised in each of the product development stages (active ingredients, compounding, quality, registrations and clinical studies), which results in a robust and distinguished product portfolio based on the excellence of our work.

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